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Thank you for your interest this call has ended. 





ENTRY DEADLINE: March 13, 2023.



Call Type: Competition: Latinx Performance Art


Event Description: A three-day event presenting short (30-min or shorter) or durational multi-disciplinary performances open to all ages. Venue is a large multi-use exhibition space with limited staging capacities. Founder, curator and director is artist Xavier Lopez. 

Artists/collectives will present 1 -2 up to 30 minute, new or remounted work each date with minimal staging and/or costuming that includes up to 10 artists. Selected artists will have time for a single rehearsal,  may be asked to perform up to two performances and may be asked to present a talk about their work for up to 30 minutes and be paid (after closing) an honorarium of $400


Festival Theme and Goals:  The two foundational ideas of intersectionality and boundary breaking are the themes  for On the Edge: The Second International Latinx Performance Art Festival and all performers should present their entries through these twin ideas.  Entrants will also be asked to explain how their work represents the finest in Latinx performance, which we are defining in the most inclusive, intersectional and open terms possible.


Intersectionality signifies a connection–a joining and reaching over–between peoples, ideologies, enemies, bringing together those that we consider “other,” creating friends, families and communities. But we are not looking for any sort of simplistic interpretation or specifically political exercise—rather these ideas should invest the performance without overwhelming it.  Do not lose sight of your own praxis and your own artistic evolution as an artist and performer.  Intersectionality also has the sense of making one thing compatible with another, of bringing together disparate elements into an at least temporarily harmonious whole.


On the Edge 2: Second International Latinx Performance Art Festival is made possible by grants and/or other assistance by 4Culture, La Sala and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. 



- Applicants must be 18 years of age or older


- Individual artists


- Small groups/collectives with at least two years working together


- All stages of career: emerging, mid-career and established


- Local, regional, national and international artists


- Ability to cover own transportation and accommodation.


- Propose a 30-minture or less, new/remounted work. Be prepared to do 2 performances at event. Be prepared to present a 10-30 minute talk about your art career and praxis.


- National and International (artists/artist teams (members need not be latino or latinx) must be able to get to and from the venue in Seattle, WA, as well as finding lodging and nourishment, while at the three day event + at least one day of practice-setup.)


Location: King Street Station, Seattle, Washington


Rehearsal Venue: TBD


Honorarium: $400.00


Fee: None

Entry Deadline: March 13, 2023

Event Dates: First Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 2023


Event Times: Matinee-4pm Evening: 7-9pm








Include Contact information (street address, phone, email, website, FB, etc.)


• Respond to all questions


• Resume' (Average of 3 pages in 11-12 Font)


• Work Sample (Follow instructions and limitations)


DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL: March 13, 2023 (midnight Pacific Time)


Send completed application to:


Send video links and 5 jpegs of your performance artwork to:


PART 1: Performance Summary Description (up to 30-min piece, you may also describe your second performance)


The information you write in the following sections will provide critical information to the peer-panel reviewing your application. Please describe as clearly as possible one of two performances that you would like to perform at the Second Latinx Performance Art Festival.  Please explain how your work can be defined as Latino or Latinx. In 1,000-3,000 words, please organize your thoughts and be concise. Introduce the peer-panel to your project. Make certain that your narrative summary includes the performance artwork title and a clear description of what you intend to do, including theme, inspiration, # of artists, length and any staging requirements. Describe what it will be like to experience your project; who is involved in the project and why they have been chosen; and why this project is a priority for you right now in your creative development. Please describe if your performance will be thirty minutes or less or durational and please clarify that you understand that you will have cover travel, food and housing for the 4 days minimum that you will need to be in Seattle for this event and practice.  


PART 2: Resume : (Submit for lead artist ONLY)


• Limit: 3 pages more or less


• Include: education, and artistic work experience, indicate when you have led past projects, publications/recordings, lectures, teaching, residencies, awards/recognitions, or volunteer/community service.


• Please include the following in your resume:


Lead Artist Name: __________________________________________________

Email address: _____________________ Phone/Area Code: _______________

Place you live:__________________________________




Part 3: Special Needs (300 words):  Please let us know if you will need any special materials for your performance, what you will be bringing with you, and how much set-up and take-down time you will need.  The space does not allow fire, damage, pyrotechnics, and performances need to have take-down on the same night of the performance.  If you require anything else, please include a clear description of your needs and we will see if we can work with you.   Please let us know if you will be documenting your performance as well as the documentary filming that will be provided by us.


Please make sure your answer answers the following:


• Share any 'special needs' where visible/non-visible barriers can be addressed.

• Staging Needs: Share specific staging, crew, space, equipment or other performance needs you need.






The work sample must be:


• Audio, still images, or video. Please only provide a link


• Limit to 5 still images


• Limit to 5 minutes of one or 1-2 audio/video samples.


• If submitting a combination of images and audio/video, total combined time of all work samples must be 5 minutes. See examples below:


  • 4 images + 2.5 audio/video


  • 2 minutes of one audio/visual + 3 minutes of a second audio/video


  • First Work Sample Type (Required):


– Select –Video, Audio, Image


  • Second Additional Work Sample Type (Required)


– Select –Digital Image, Video, Audio




  • Title


  • Year of work


  • Size or length of full work


  • Materials/Medium


  • Why you selected work samples (strong/unique elements) and how relevant or linked to the proposed performance.


  • Submit work sample that is most relevant – in scope . . . to your performance. It is recommended





Submission of  VIDEO and/or AUDIO OR VIDEO files as your work sample format, you may submit up to three (3) files using SoundCloud (audio) OR YouTube (video).  All submissions must be accessible without a password, however, you may include private links if privacy is important. Once you have uploaded your files, indicate the URL (e.g. in the order in which you would like the files reviewed. Website links other than Soundcloud or YouTube will not be reviewed.


Send your URLs in the same e-mail document in which you are answering the rest of the questions (you may use the following as a template)


  • URL 1:

  • Description:


  • URL 2:

  • Description:


  • URL 3:

  • Description:




Recommended for visual art. Images will be presented to the peer-panel, one at a time, in the order you have uploaded your files. A maximum of ten (10) JPGs may be submitted. Images must be under 2MB each. We recommend 1920 pixels on the longest side and 72 dpi. We accept JPG files only. You may change images by using the "Change Image" box which will appear after you save an image(s).  Please include your name and slide number in the name of each upload--send them as an attachment to the e-mail you send to us with the rest of your information at:


  • Image Name #1:

  • Description:


  • Image Name #2:

  • Description:


  • Image Name #3:

  • Description:


  • Image Name #4:

  • Description:


  • Image Name #5:

  • Description:






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