Ryan "Henry" Ward and Xavier Lopez at SAM!


Over the course of the last couple of years, local muralist Ryan "Henry" Ward and I have had the amazing pleasure of working extensively with the wonderful folks at the Seattle Art Museum.  Conducting "live painting" events and leading teens and adults in activities designed to teach about various periods and styles in artistic history and facilitating projects aiding students in expressing themseves has been such a wildly fulfilling thing--one which both Ryan and myself look forward to doing for a very long time!



I. Seattle Art Museum: Olympic Sculpture Garden


August 3, 2013:

Ryan Henry Ward and myself painting for the Seattle Art Museum for the first time!



II. Seattle Art Museum: Parking Day at SAM


September 20, 2013

Ryan and I spend Parking Day at the Seattle Art Museum!




III. Seattle Art Museum: Miro - Chase Open Studio


March 6, 2014

Teen Night --Our third outing with the Seattle Art Museum!




IV. Seattle Art Museum: Exquisite Corps.


May 2nd, 2014

Teen Night Out - Part II of Miro Surrealist Series--Exquisite Corpse




V. Seattle Art Museum: Dia de los Muertos


October 30, 2014 - Our fifth SAM Celebration!





VI. Seattle Asian Art Museum: Idenities-In Association with the Seattle Summer Institute

and the Chiho Aoshima Exhibition.







Xavier and Ryan at the Seattle Art Museum

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